The 2024 Campione del Mondo, Notes category

By Caleb  Fristoe

May, 24th 2024

- 5:02 AM
- Across the street, muffled yells drift out into the morning
- New “help” is at the flip house: $30 hr guy
- I stand and spy at the window as he limps out the front door, swinging his left leg in an arc, as though reinforced with rebar—straight all the way down
- He sits and smokes in his 2008 Dodge Ram until 6:15 AM when “the twins” arrive
- Their truck is full of trash, buckets, and various tools; $15hr guys
- City records name 4 Horsemen Realty as the home's new owners
- The only horseman I’ve seen stops by once a week in a brand new Tahoe, outfitted with custom rims and a slight, tasteful lift. We affectionately call him pestilence. He arrives promptly at 7:30 AM and departs at 7:40 AM.

Work Accomplished

- A door is spray painted in the grass sans drop cloth; “goddamnit, the grass…”
- Smoke break
- Trash is collected from a decaying shed; a grill is discovered and haggled over
- Smoke break
- Post Malone on a DeWalt DCR010 - 3hrs
- Electric crew arrives: logo trucks, uniforms; work completed in 45 mins, no talking, only the exchange of a completion order to one of the twins, who tosses it on the porch
- 1.5hr lunch
- A miter saw appears, making three cuts
- Clean-up begins at 3 PM
- The site is empty by 4:03 PM
- The project has been ongoing for four months with no sign of completion in sight

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